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GEOFLOW Subsurface Drip Systems Help Solve Wastewater Disposal Problems

The most promising solution is GEOFLOW subsurface drip technology

One of the better solutions to the problem is soil dispersal using subsurface drip technology. This method involves placing tubing to form drip lines under at least 8 inches of soil.  The treated wastewater is dispersed underground to root zones. This is done slow enough for the ground to absorb the pathogens that are still present in the water. The depth allows most pollutants, including nitrates not consumed by the soil, to fertilize the nearby vegetation.

GEOFLOW subsurface drip system: The Yosemite National Park example

Transition to a subsurface drip dispersal system for a community near Yosemite National Park was undertaken in the late 1990’s.  Vacuum breakers were used to prevent dirt from being sucked into the drip line. Pressure was maintained in the drip lines by the use of pressure compensating emitters. The ends of the drip lines were connected to form a common flushing line. A recent inspection of the site revealed no surfacing and no overland flows of the wastewater.

In Yosemite National Park itself the Tenaya Lodge is a full service resort. Due to the resort’s occupancy growth, the park’s capacity to dispose of effluent needed to expand. This expansion used GEOFLOW subsurface drip lines, increasing the disposal capacity at the site to more than 100,000 gallons of treated wastewater per day. Water from nearby wells is regularly tested and remains unaffected by the drip line system. After the system was installed the area was replanted with ferns and grasses. Recent inspections have revealed no surfacing or overland flows of the treated water. Also the vegetation abounds and has covered the area…being fertilized by the drip flow system. The vegetative growth helps prevent erosion and creates a stable area. It also expands water holding capacity, limiting runoff during heavy rain. Additionally, the increased organic plant mater in the soil from biological activity provides more food and moisture for plants and helps to destroy pathogens in the wastewater.

Conclusion:  GEOFLOW subsurface drip disposal is the best solution

While combined sewers and poorly tested reclaimed water use continue to cause problems that are huge, GEOFLOW subsurface drip disposal is offering some solutions. In fact reclaimed water can safely continue to be used but in combination with subsurface drip systems for landscapes, ball parks, golf courses and playgrounds. This is being done now in many places with excellent results.

Well designed wastewater treatment systems are now being used in conjunction with GEOFLOW subsurface drip disposal installations to provide alternatives and help meet the challenges faced by many wastewater treatment facilities. Wastewater disposal: it’s a problem, but one that GEOFLOW subsurface drip systems are helping to solve. 

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