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A Calfifornia Wastewater Contractor
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Package Wastewater Treatment Plants

Need a Plant?

Package wastewater treatment plants are designed on a site – by – site basis.

Residential waste streams require different treatment modalities than industrial or combined waste streams.  Systems are designed to meet the standards set by the governing body (governing body is determined by the amount of waste discharged each day). 

Where to Start:

You start at the end, of course!

Step one in getting a package wastewater treatment plant is to determine the amount of water to be treated.  Step two is to determine the governing body.  Step three is to determine the discharge point (where is the treated water to go?).  After these answers have been met, then we find a treatment unit that meets the needs of the effluent quality required, and the footprint of the site.


Double J Enterprises can provide you with complete Design & Build Services or professionally construct a plant of your choice. Building of a Wastewater plant should be done by a contractor with extensive knowledge of the biological possesses that are being mechanically stimulated and controlled.  This will assure that the plant is constructed without oversight of the smallest detail, and save headaches at start-up.

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