A California wastewater contractor

A Calfifornia Wastewater Contractor
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Manufacturers Support Services

Double J Enterprises is a California Licensed General Engineering Contractor with over 12 years’ experience installing, servicing, and repairing Water and Wastewater equipment. Over the last three years, we have been asked by several industry manufacturers to assist them with Start-up and Training services. Since beginning to travel throughout North America performing these services, we have had excellent response from Manufacturers and Customers alike, spurring our desire to offer services throughout the industry.


Double J Enterprises offers on-call technicians to meet your customers’ needs. We are finding that Manufacturers have cut staff levels due to decreased orders, only to find themselves short of Field Service Technicians when start-up’s are requested. By utilizing the services of Double J Enterprises, companies can provide their customers with shorter wait times, without increasing their overhead. Double J Enterprises costs your company nothing, unless you have already sold a product!


If it’s 480V VFD’s, Mv to Ma transmitter troubleshooting, gearbox bearing replacement, bringing epoxy coatings up to specifications or troubleshooting instantaneous nitrification / denitrification failures, Double J Enterprises has the technical expertise to get your product up and running as specified.


After factory training, utilize the services of Double J Enterprises to fill the gaps in staffing. Eliminate having to tell your clients you cannot meet their start-up dates because of staffing issues.


Do you currently have Factory Service on the West Coast? Would it help sell more product, or give a competitive edge in bidding if you did? With no increase in overhead, you can show local or regional Service, can your competition?.


With more contracts calling for Manufacturers Oversight of installation, do you have the personnel to tie up for the entire process? Double J can help!

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A California Wastewater Contractor

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