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GEOFLOW Subsurface Drip Systems Help Solve Wastewater Disposal Problems

GEOFLOW subsurface drip systems are found to be helpful with disposal of excessive sewage overflow.  Many city sewage disposal systems are using outdated designs and infrastructure (many dating back to before World War II and some even older!).

Overview of wastewater disposal problems

Periodic heavy rainfall and population growth combined with inadequate sewer collection capacity are often the cause of overflows. These overflows bypass treatment plants and enter our waterways, polluting the environment exposing us to contaminants. For instance, a sewer system in Hamilton County, Ohio releases about 75 million gallons of untreated sewage a year into a creek which winds through western Cincinnati. People there are exposed to disease causing microorganisms and toxic contaminants. These combined sewer systems were effective in the past but due to growing populations and more industrial toxic waste they have become totally inadequate. There are solutions being developed for wastewater disposal problems.

Some “Solutions” to wastewater disposal still present problems

“Reclaimed water” has been developed as a partial solution. When the sewage is treated in newer systems in a three-step process and then disinfected, it is believed to be safe to discharge into rivers, lakes, streams and wetlands. This reclaimed water is also being used to irrigate golf courses, farms, city parks, school playgrounds and sporting fields. Other uses include fire protection, street cleaning, apartment landscaping construction projects and more. However, it’s been recently discovered that reclaimed water is itself subject to contamination when stored in golf course lakes, ponds, lagoons and uncovered tanks prior to use; so, in some situations, using it may also be a health hazard.

New technology has been detecting minute amounts of chemicals from prescription drugs which even the most sophisticated treatment plants are unable to neutralize. Other pollutants, including viruses are now also being discovered in reclaimed water and people can be exposed to them in various ways, especially when the water is sprayed, like on the golf course, in the park, the nursery or even on the school grounds.

As problems with reclaimed water are discovered, the over-all challenge of discharging treated wastewater is continuing to grow and is leading to important modifications and more research. Research shows that even current disinfection methods using combined chlorine are not good enough for total viral disinfection.

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